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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Get an electric facial for a Younger Skin

As scary as it may sound,electric facials are painless procedures and are known to be one of the best treatments to combat ageing....
Like any other anti-ageing treatment ,an electric facial tightens and smoothens your facial skin.

 How does it work?

Electric facial uses low electric currents that pass through the skin and produce therapeutic effects.It tones facial muscles and helps to lift the face.

 Types of Treatment

1. Galvanic 
This treatment makes use of two probes - one with positive charge and the other with negative charge.The positive charge is done using acid based serums which helps tighten the skin pores and reduce inflammation. On the other hand,the negative charge is often used with alkaline serums which aids increasing the blood flow and stimulating the facial nerves.
2. Faradic
Involves use of electric pulses that gently tones,tightens and rejuvenates your sagging facial skin.It is also used to decrease the pore size on your skin.The pulses help build up the muscles of the face and increase the blood supply. This helps contour your face better,making it smooth with fewer wrinkles.
3. Micro Current
This is a popular non-surgical face lift.It helps firm facial contours and smoothens the skin.This therapy is done as a course of treatments unlike the others,so you basically need 10-12 sessions in all ranging from two to three weeks.

Benefits of Electrical Facial

 Corrects and balances your skin.
 Prevents skin from developing age lines and wrinkles.
 Helps regeneration of skin cells.
 Relaxes and uplifts facial muscles.
 Helps maintain a healthy and youthful glow.

Negatives of Electric Facial

 Visit a proper salon that has a designated person doing this procedure.
 If u've had a nerve injury on your face or neck,it may get damaged again.
 Read through the pros and cons of getting an electric facial before u go in for one.
While an Electric facial ur face may feel bit of a burning sensation ,But if it continues for a long time,You must see a dermatologist.

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