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Monday, 26 May 2014

Makeup tips to look good in pictures

Everybody wants to look awesome in the pictures ....right?
Try this tips

♥Begin with a makeup primer since it keeps your makeup glued on.

♥Apply ur makeup in natural light since indoor lighting can alter its appearance.

♥Mattes dont have any shimmer or sparkle ,making them perfect for pictures since you dont want anything on ur face that will reflect light off it.

♥Opt for black while choosing a shade of eyeliner and mascara.They give better contrast and make ur eyes pop.

♥Fake eyelashes add volume and  highlight ur eyes.

♥Flash can make your face look washed out, so a bit of blush goes a long way. Blush adds definition to ur face and makes u stand out.


  1. I will ask my wife to try this and get benefited

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful tips on doing makeup for taking pictures. Because at this time we have to be careful on creating makeup.

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