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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Try This Powerful Vegetable Juice !!!!!!!

Whenever u feel less energy n tiredness ,,,, You must try this instant energy vegetable juice ,,it will rejuvenate u immediately ..Come Lets Try It


Tomato --1 

Beetroot --1
Banana Stem--1 piece
Sweet Lime(Mosambi)--1
Ginger-- 1 small Peice
Lime Juice--1 teaspoon


1.peel the outer skin of Beetroot , Mosambi n Carrot
2.Roughly chop all ingredients and put them into a juicer 
3.Grind it for 2-3 min nicely
4.Filter the ground Extract n collect the juice in a jar 
5.Pour the juice into a glass and serve with Ice cubes

Note*-- Its best without Sugar/Salt ..

A glassful of this nutritious juice in the morning with breakfast will surely rejuvenate you.