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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Anti wrinkle Pumpkin facial mask

This facial mask suitable for all skin types.
Pumpkin - 2cm thick slice grind with little amount of water.
Honey - 1 table spoon
Milk - 2 table spoon


Mix up all together and apply this paste  to your clean face.Relax with it for approximately 20 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.

It is good for you because

Milk - The natural fat content  moisturizes the skin,and makes the skin soft, so it can be more resistant to cold.

Honey - Due to its protein content it makes the skin velvety.In addition, disinfects wounds,and it has a soothing effect.

Pumpkin - It helps to fight with wrinkles, because it contains a lot of antioxidants.Due to high vitamin C content it helps to preserve skin beauty.  It also contains vitamin A which is good against acne and pimples.

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